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Things to Consider with your Uncontested Alabama Divorce

How Does the Uncontested Divorce Process Work?

We begin the process with a client agreement and payment. I will go over and collect all of the necessary information from you and your spouse. Then I draft the agreement and all required supporting documents for your approval. Once approved and signed properly by both parties, the agreement and supporting documents are filed with the Court in your county for the Judge’s approval and final order for a Divorce Decree.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce, is where the parties have an idea or have already reached an agreement to the terms of their divorce. In contrast, a contested divorce is when one spouse contacts a lawyer to file their divorce for them without an agreement having been reached. In response to this filing, the other spouse usually gets an attorney and responds by filing a document called an Answer and perhaps a Counterclaim. At any time, both parties, through their respective divorce attorneys, may reach an agreement prior to a final trial. Eventually, if no agreement can be reached, then both parties will go to trial (make take up to 6- 12 months or longer).

What Happens if it Becomes Contested?

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it does happen so I strongly suggest that you are fully prepared and communicating with your spouse before going the uncontested route so you don’t waste time or money. Per our client agreement, the process is void and the amount of the filing fee is returned to you. I will be happy to discuss your next options and representation of a contested divorce.

Preparing for Divorce

If you're contemplating divorce, or know someone who is, please watch my brief video with 5 tips for preparing for divorce. Preparation and education are very important and these tips are designed to help before you make the next step of contacting an attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about Cheap Alabama Divorces for Chambers, Lee, Macon, Russell, Tallapoosa Counties by browsing our most frequently asked questions.

How long does an uncontested divorce usually take?
Once the papers are filed, the Court will not sign the divorce decree for at least 30 days, but in an easy and quick uncontested divorce both spouses will usually be receiving their Final Decree of Divorce in the mail about 6 to 12 weeks after filing (each county varies).
Do I have to meet at your office?
Yes, I will want to meet with you first if you are the paying client. In my experience, you will be more satisfied if we have an opportunity to initially meet and review your particular case. However, everything else can be done outside of the office so long as both parties are available and have access to phone, email, fax, mail and possibly scanning capability. Usually, clients will only come to my office twice; once in the beginning and then to sign the final documents.
Does my spouse have to come with me?
No. Everything can be done separately because nowadays everyone has such hectic schedules. However, I will not contact your spouse for you and vice versa. If this is truly an uncontested divorce then both parties should be able to communicate with each other and the terms should be settled. If you can’t, then in my experience, you are probably wasting your money on attempting an uncontested divorce.
What is the required language on relocation for divorces with children?
If you have children of the marriage, the Alabama Parent-Relationship Protection Act must be attached and incorporated into your divorce. This Act provides information and outlines the requirements of any parent relocating. After a divorce, a parent with custody or visitation rights must follow these requirements before moving.
Is a divorce uncontested if I can't find my spouse?
Unfortunately no; it is a bit more complex and requires a different process than an uncontested divorce, but I am happy to talk to you about how you can still get a divorce.
Will you represent both of us?
No, only one of you will be my client and this must be explained and agreed to by the other party. As a lawyer I have an ethical obligation to be an advocate for my client. That means I will protect my client's interests, and it also means I can provide legal advice only to my client. I cannot provide legal advice for the spouse who is not my client.

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